PMB has just completed the scheduled Main Storage Battery change in HMAS DECHAINEUX at ASC’s Henderson site in Western Australia.

This is the first time that PMB has resourced and managed this complex and physically difficult task involving: the removal, return and disposal of the old battery; cross country transportation of the new battery and it’s installation; provision of ancillary items in a “just-in-time ” manner; mobilisation of a workforce of up to 23 personnel from both SA and WA over a 13 week period; and most importantly full integration with the ASC project management team and workforce.

Both the battery removal and the battery installation phases were performed on budget and ahead of schedule without incident.

PMB’s CEO Steve Faulkner stated that he was extremely happy with the outcome, particularly from a Collins Class Submarine Enterprise perspective. He said “The early and successful completion of this task clearly demonstrates the benefits of having PMB, as the subject matter expert, contracted to install the equipment that we manufacture and supply. PMB look forward to further involvement in both battery change work and other activities that assist the Enterprise to achieve the 10+2 Transformation Program”.