PMB Defence Batteries Awarded New Contract by ASC

PMB Defence Batteries has been selected by ASC to perform a scheduled battery change in HMAS DECHAINEUX during the submarines Mid-Cycle Docking commencing in July 2013 at Henderson WA.

John Parkin, Operations Manager at PMB said: “PMB has manufactured the COLLINS Class Submarine (CCSM) Main Storage Battery (MSB) continuously since the early 1990s, however, this is the first occasion where a battery change will been performed by PMB“.

The CCSM MSB takes approximately 15 months to manufacture at PMB’s Adelaide facility, exceeds 430 tonnes in weight and is electrically connected via a complex bus-bar array of more than 3,000 components. “MSB removal and installation is a significant, critical path undertaking that consumes a large number of man hours. By engaging the OEM to perform this work, ASC frees up personnel for other critical work where trade skills are mandated” says John Parkin.

“Another direct benefit of PMB performing this work is the first-hand insight we gain into design and process improvement opportunities to reduce removal and installation times. These improvements contribute to shortening the overall maintenance activity which in turn increases platform availability. Enhancements will not only contribute to lowering CCSM costs of ownership but also influence Future Submarine MSB design features”.

PMB Defence Batteries is a Division of the PMB Defence Group of companies, whose operations are situated in the Techport precinct at Osborne.