PMB Defence Engineering wins position on Future Submarine Integrated Project Team (IPT)

PMB Defence Engineering employee, Phil Prosser has been selected as the Program Manager for the Future Submarine IPT. He joins a small but growing group on the team to kick off the activity.

The Future Submarine program is a multi-billion dollar program to replace the COLLINS Class with 12 modern diesel-electric submarines. Up until recently Government have been considering four options for the Future Submarine program:

  1. Military off the shelf design (MOTS);
  2. Modified (or ‘Australianised’) military off the shelf design;
  3. An evolved COLLINS Class design; and
  4. A Bespoke Design.

Recently the Government announced that it had narrowed down to either Option 3 or Option 4, with funding allocated to investigate each further.

The IPT has specifically been set up to begin the pre-concept phase of the future submarine program, including investigation of cost and capability options. The output to be used as part of the first pass approval process for this nation building project.

Phil has been contracted to the IPT for a period of two years during which he will work full-time assisting the team in their efforts. Whilst Phil’s contributions back at PMB during this time will be missed, this is a great opportunity for PMB and Phil to make a positive contribution to this very important program.

PMB Defence Engineering is a Division of the PMB Defence Group of companies, whose operations are situated in the Techport Australia precinct at Osborne.