PMB Engineering hosts a highly experienced team with a thorough understanding of battery design, platform system integration, product development and in-service support; uniquely focused on submarine programs. Our multidiscipline engineering approach ensures optimised solutions are provided to meet the user’s requirements, utilising traditional and emerging battery chemistries and technologies.

The company’s engineering capability started with PMB’s contract in 1989 for the design & supply of the initial Collins Class Submarine main battery systems and continues with supporting the Collins Class battery, cooling & agitation units, battery monitoring probes, battery analysis tools and support. The engineering team provide direct support to the end-users through routine technical inspections, providing training, operator forums and end-user advice.

Technology development of batteries offers a range of improvements for customers. Submarines and their operations are many and varied and no single technology choice is the right answer for all of them.


PMB’s success in winning new design work for new technology programs is strongly supported by:

  • PMB’s independence: We can offer multiple technology options and select the most appropriate product to maximise customer benefits.
  • PMB’s extensive experience with submarine battery systems: Our deep involvement in the Australian submarine environment for 30 years means that we have a unique understanding of the main storage battery and its use. Additionally, our work over the last 10 years with other customers gives us a good knowledge of requirements for other submarines.
  • Commercial matching: The ability to deliver outcomes during long development programs places a complex set of requirements on partners. PMB has invested a large effort to find the right partners with a strategic outlook and skill-set that is matched to the products and domain.