Lead Acid

PMB is responsible for the engineering of the battery system as the OEM for a number of leading navies. Optimised cell top ancillaries and battery cell monitoring reduce maintenance time and effort, developed to increase the life of the battery, reduce operator maintenance effort and provide better battery performance under actual operating conditions, not just the test lab! Our IP can deliver upgraded performance to the flooded lead-acid batteries, with better real-world performance, especially important for long demanding deployments. Improved materials with optimised construction and manufacturing processes, improve the performance of the battery under real operating conditions over all current designs. Our extensive experience working closely with the submarine users and maintainers throughout the battery service life, system supply and support, including actually doing the installation and removal of complete battery sets and upkeep/upgrade/update of our supporting systems, plus a data-driven design, offers a completely interchangeable, no-risk upgrade to existing lead-acid technology.