New Technology


Is the peak performing technology for some submarine applications. PMB is working with international partners and customers for the development of next generation lithium-ion submarine main storage batteries. Our design offers high performance whilst minimising major platform changes for safety and with a supply chain model designed to support the extended timeframes of the submarine life-cycle. Specialised packaging and controls, will offer lower integration cost over competitor designs to provide a superior performing battery, with improved safety and system controls over competitor products


PMB is working to integrate partner technology with our own IP to produce a submarine-dedicated main battery product that:

  • provides good performance gains over lead-acid, with a reasonable cost profile.
  • exceeds lithium-ion performance in many aspects for submarine applications without the cost and risks.

Unrivalled high-power performance, excellent charging characteristics and unlimited operation at any state of charge provides operators with performance and operational freedom of use, previously thought available only with lithium-ion technology. Major reduction in indiscretion ratio and near zero maintenance are also key benefits. This requires minimal integration effort to the platform structure and systems to give acquisition and upgrade Program Managers a low risk approach with much lower cost and schedule impacts than lithium-ion. The sealed cells are outstandingly robust and superior system safety characteristics allow installation without requiring any major upgrades to platform structure or systems. “Upgrade” outcomes for “update” investment!